What is Pro Tuner

Pro Tuner is a well designed Chromatic Tuner on iPhone/iPad especially for Guitar and Bass players.

It's highly accurate (up to ±1/100 semitone (±1 cent) precise) and has more than 100 built-in tuning modes. Moreover, by tapping the strings, you can get REAL guitar reference sounds easily.

Pro Tuner supports two input methods: Built-in Microphone Mode and Line-in Mode. Guitar Clip Microphone is also supported.

It's Accurate

Pro Tuner uses a highly accurate algorithm to make sure your guitar sounds more accurate than ever(±1 cent precise), even when only using iPhone's inner-microphone.

It's Pro

Pro Tuner has over 100 tuning modes built in. Each mode has real guitar reference sounds. Pro Tuner is light, but still PRO!

It's Universal

You don't need to purchase iPhone and iPad separately. Pro Tuner a is universal APP. It works on all of your iOS devices.

Support Clip Microphone

With a clip microphone, you tuning will become more accurate.

Features List

  • User-friendly. Extremely easy to use
  • Universal APP. Purchase once, available on all of your iPhone/iPod/iPad.
  • Support chromatic tuning. Especially optimized for acoustic/electric Guitar and Bass.
  • Real Guitar Reference Sounds. Helps to do coarse tuning or practice tuning by ear.
  • Tuning Mode. Over 100 included.
  • Input-Level indicator. Make sure your input level is always right.

Built-in Tuning Modes Category

General Tunings / Lower Tunings / Higher Tunings / Dropped Tunings / Double-dropped Tunings / Major Open Tunings / Minor Open Tunings / Cross-note Tunings / Modal Tunings / Miscellaneous Tunings / 5 String Tunings / 7 String Tunings / 8 String Tunings / Bass Tunings / Ukelele Tunings / Mandolin Family Tunings / Banjo Family Tunings / Bouzouki Tunings