What is Chordtunes

Chordtunes is an iPad app for creating chord sheets for guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. You can think of Chordtunes as a text editor for creating chord sheets. Entering chords and lyrics is as easy as typing.

Chordtunes can be used at music lessons,
capture chords from a tune a friend shares,
create personal compositions,
create your own custom chord book,
and share chord sheets with other users.

Custom Keyboard for Chord Entry

A custom keyboard provides a convenient way to select and enter the chords.

Lyrics can be included, with three output formats available.

Chordtunes provides over 1,700 chords!

Create Once, Display for Any Instrument

There is no need to worry about which instrument to select.

A chord sheet will display for any of the instruments the app supports,
automatically converting the chord sheet to the instrument tuning.


With Chordtunes, you can transpose your chord sheets to any key.

Share Your Chord Sheets with Others

Three PDF formats for preview, print and share.

Save or import native files to/from Dropbox, Box, and more.