What is Chordtunes?

Fast, easy chord creation.

ChordTunes lets you make chord sheets for guitar, ukulele, banjo and mandolin. It's like an assistant that helps you create great tabs for your music. Drawing up chords and lyrics is as easy as typing.

Use it anywhere and for anything you can imagine: At music lessons, for learning the chords in a friend's tune, to sketch out your own compositions, to build a custom chord book of your favorite songs, to share chord sheets with your band, your friends, or anyone at all.

A specialist built for chord creation

The specialized keyboard provides a convenient way to select and enter chords.

Include lyrics if you want and output the results in three different formats.

Best of all, Chordtunes comes pre-programed with over 1,700 chords!

Create once, display everywhere

No need to worry about changing charts when you need a new instrument.

Chordtunes will display the chord sheet for any instrument the app supports,
automatically converting it to the tuning and instrument you select.

Transposition is easy

Change your chord sheets into any key you might need.

Share with anyone

ChordTunes can create PDFs in 3 different formats to preview, print and share.

Save and import the results to and from your sharing service (Dropbox, Box, etc.)

The sky is the limit for what you can create with Chordtunes.