What is Pro Metronome

The BEST and FREE Metronome App, redefines how you sync the beat with Innovative UI Design and Hard-Core Engineering inside. Used by over 1 million musicians!

It's Professional. 7 tones, 4+1 visual modes, Time Signature, Accents, Subdivisions, TAP, etc.

It's User-Friendly. You don't need to face complex settings. With an elegant user interface, it's very easy to use.

It's Creative. Flash the beats by using LED, or even "BEAM" it on the Projector or AppleTV.

Change the Tempo easily

You can simply change the tempo by using the Dial Wheel.

Or tap the TAP button to calculate the BPM in real time.

It is Extremely Precise

Precise timing is important for a metronome.

Pro Metronome uses our brand new RTP (Real-Time Playback) technology to ensure its accuracy (±20us).

SEE the beats

You may find it hard to sync your band

or orchestra when playing.

But now, everybody sees the beats.

Landscape Mode

Turn on landscape mode to get more space for beats.

And you can still change the tempo, accents, T.S. etc in the Landscape Mode.

Advanced T.S. Settings

You can change the Time Signature more easily.

Each beat could be set to any one of the four different accent: f , mf , p or mute

With subdivisions you can practice with Triplet, Dot note, etc more easily.


Including Triplet, Dot note, and many more patterns.

Favorites List

Save tempo, subdivision and other configs to a list.

And load them whenever you want

AirPlay Mode

"BEAM" the beats to a Projector or Apple TV. Participate with others more easily.

It's Universal

Pro Metronome is a universal App. Get it once and it will work on all of your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 4).

Available on the App Store