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The best metronome app. Period.

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Pro Metronome helps you master
your daily practice and stage performance

It's redefined how over 3 million people sync to a beat
with a combination of innovative design and hardcore engineering.

Simple to use but
packed with features

Use it like a traditional metronome.
Pick it up, select a tempo, and hit play.

Pro features include a powerful rhythm coach,
sub-divisions, and even polyrhythms.

Extreme precision

Precise timing is critical for any musician.
Pro Metronome uses EUMLab's RTP (Real-Time Playback)
technology to ensure accuracy to 20 microseconds (±20µs).

Stay in time any way you want




Introducing rhythm trainer
train the metronome in your mind!

A great teacher trains you to think for yourself.
So we designed Rhythm Trainer to strengthen your mind's metronome.

How does it work? You set one bar to play, then mute the next.
During the muted bar, keep counting beats in your head.
When the sound comes back, check to see if your counting is synced.
Practice makes perfect and you can increase the number of muted bars as you get better.

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for drummers

Practice your drumming skills with
two rhythms playing simultaneously.
3-over-4? 4-over-5? No problem!
Simply tap a button to hear and visualize it
with our unique interface.

See how it works

Create and share playlists

Save tempo and other settings to presets.
Store them in a playlist you can recall any time
or share wirelessly with your bandmates.

Stage Mode

Stage Mode helps you calibrate your sense of tempo for those all-important live performances. Either use the click for the whole song, or enable the 'Auto Stop' feature to stop the metronome automatically after playing a certain amount of bars.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode allows you to programme
automatic tempo change to suit your practice regime.


Set a target tempo and the value of the tempo ratios. If 180 BPM is your goal then start out at 0.5x – 90 BPM for 3 mins before increasing to 0.75x – 135 BPM for the next 5 mins.


Increase the tempo automatically by 10 BPM every 10 bars, starting from 90 and ending with 180 BPM. This allows for gradual increase in speed.

Other Cool Features

Check out what people are saying

  • Lots of cool features, like different tempos and subdivisions, that are usually only found on the more expensive standalone metronomes. I use this app for practicing and teaching, and love that if I have my phone (and who doesn't usually have their phone on them these days?), I have a metronome.
  • I never really purchase the full version of any app, but in this case, I found my experience with Pro Metronome to be so beneficial to my practicing and, on top of that, so convenient, versatile, and easy to use that I bought the full version merely to show my support for those who developed the app...
  • I never wanted to use the $30 metronome I purchased years ago. It bothered me more than helped me. This app is amazing and I can't wait to turn it on while I am practicing....
  • This metronome does everything I need, and everything I could have ever asked for. The interface is marvelous and I love it. The developers really listen to their audience, and this is probably the best metronome on the App Store. Completely steady with a ton of options for beat, even polyrhythms, presets, and flashing screen! Don't waste your time with lesser programs, this app is amazing.
  • This app is one of the best app I downloaded. I was very skeptical at first, but I'm totally glad with the choice I made. It never crashes, it has different tones, and it keeps running until you want it stopped. I didn't realize that i can practice odd meter until I got this app. I was stunned. This app is so much better than $20 guitar center metronomes. Take my word and you won't regret.
  • I've used interval timers, I used etc, etc...And this app actually will continue on the background when other apps are running (See SETTINGS and scroll to the 'Metronome' app at the bottom of the main screen where further settings are for most apps). YEAH, thank you.
  • I study jazz drumset in college, and I do not own an actual metronome because this app is perfect. You can use odd time signatures, omit beats, and change the placement or tone of the accent. Super simple interface, and a very easy to use tap function makes it easy to find the tempo of whatever you're playing. Download it!!!
  • I am in my fourth year playing flute, and I take private lessons. My real metronome is dying and it's very annoying :P. most metronome apps out there are either terrible or you have to pay $3. This is free, no adds, you can change the time signature, the sound of the beats, which gets the strongest beat, and the speed. SIMPLY AMAZING!!! MUST DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!
  • I bought a TAMA metronome for $90 about three years ago, and while that was a great purchase, this little app blows it away. There are a lot of apps out there that charge more and provide less. These guys could charge $10 and it'd still be a bargain.

Pro Metronome

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Requires iOS 6.1+
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