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Guitar Master
Inspiring tools for aspiring guitar players

Train, tune, learn, and more –
whether practicing, performing, composing or in session,
Guitar Master helps you get the most out of your instrument.

Pro-Level Tuning

Fix up your tuning using Guitar Master's chromatic tuner with intuitive color bars. Highly accurate – up to ±0.1 cent precision – the tuner includes real string sounds to help you tune by ear. Go from great to perfect tuning in seconds.

The extremely precise metronome
with strumming patterns and drum loops

The metronome uses EUMLab's RTP (Real-Time Playback) technology
to ensure accuracy to 20 microseconds (±20µs).
It supports flexible time signatures with 14 different tones,
13 built-in strumming patterns and 116 drum loops to make practice a breeze.

Lean More

108 musical scales

Scales are the soul music.
Guitar Master features 108 different ones from all over the world, from Blues and Jazz, to Japanese, Middle Eastern and more. Use them to learn and explore new sounds and styles.

Interactive guitar tabs

Guitar Master's tab list contains 1000s of chords, more than you'll ever need.
Learn new chords and look them up by name or by note –
Learn them all by seeing and hearing them at the same time.

Supported chord types: Major, Minor, 7th, Minor 7th, Major 7th, 5th, 6th, Minor 6th, 9th,
Minor 9, 6/9, 7♭5, 7♯5, Minor 7♭5, 7♭9, 7♯9, Dim 7th, Aug, 7th Sus, Sus 2, Sus 4, Add 9th, Minor add 9th, 11th, Minor 11

Introducing 5th Circle with Chord Transposer
A better way to find and learn chords.

Most songs we hear are written based on groups of chords that change in similar ways.
With 5th Circle, easily visualize common chord changes in one interactive screen.
You can even use it to help you transpose chords into a new key.

Chord progressions

Have you heard of the "Magic Four" chords? It's G, D, Em, and C, and many songs use just this one progression! Once you've mastered it, you can use it to play thousands of songs.

You can use Guitar Master to hear and learn the "Magic Four" chords and then transpose them into other keys.

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Other Cool Features

Check out what people are saying

  • THIS APP IS A GIFT FROM GOD. It has literally everything you need to tune up your guitar skills. Shows you like every scale imaginable lol and tons of drum loops to practice over and literally everything (with pro version). Do not hesitate to get the pro version it is so worth it If you are committed and ready to take your guitar to the next level. Turn up!!
  • Everything you will need to get inspired to practice playing and writing music. Tons of scales, chords, and chord progressions. I really like the interactive fretboard, it has opened my eyes to new melodies. I get stuck from time to time relying on finger patterns instead of using my ears, but I am thinking and playing in a whole new creative way thanks to this app. I would recommend this to beginners, as well as experienced shredders alike.
  • I own the toolkit and I like it but this app it's higher quality on all of it features as soon as I try it I just wanted to pay for it I love it so cool and complete to make get the best out of your practice.
  • I have been using this app for a while and it is simply astounding way better tuning than any other app and is extremely easy to use simply an amazing app
  • This app rock my socks. Best few dollars I've ever spent on an app. Crazy helpful, super versatile and looks pretty too. I don't go anywhere with out a great tuner now. :) if your even an armature guitarist, this app will help you learn a lot.
  • The metronome, tuner and chord finder are super easy to use. Tuner's accurate and metronome interface is quite beautiful and elegant in its simplicity. Great job EUM!
  • Very versatile app,covers all bases. I'm just learning guitar and having a tough time,this app is the best starting point for leads and chord learning. I can see this used at every level I achieve.
  • This app is worth many times its price. The number of tools is great and the amount of data is outstanding. All chord diagrams are live so they play when touched, there are lists of songs which use the progressions. Every type of scale imaginable for each key is diagrammed on a fretboard that can be tapped anywhere and will play the note. There's also of course a tuner and a metronome for rhythm patterns. Super work!
  • This app is the essential guide for any guitarist from beginner to pro...This app has it all with a simple interface which is easy to use and understand. And the cherry on the cake this app is a great price.
  • this app is absolutely brilliant and the most powerful of its kind! chord library, scale library, tuner, metronome (a GREAT one!!), beautiful UI and UX, this is the one! money well spent!!
  • The best app I've used for guitar stuff, the progression section is great, tuner is bang on and I love the inclusion of the circle of fifths

Guitar Master

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Requires iOS 6.1+