Ukulele Toolkit

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What is Ukulele Toolkit

It is a collection of essential ukulele tools for ukulele players. It contains three daily used tools:

  1. 1.Extremely accurate tuner.
  2. 2.Precision metronome with strumming patterns.
  3. 3.Interactive Chord Sheets with real ukulele sounds.

It supports three ukulele tuning modes: Tenor, Soprano and Baritone. With Ukulele Toolkit, you can have a mobile tool of ukulele in your pocket, no matter where you are.

Extremely Accurate Tuner

The chromatic tuner has a quick tune bar and an accurate meter bar. With beautiful tuning color bar, you can find your current tune just in seconds. Meters can also helps to show the current pitch in more accurate way. It also includes real ukulele string sound with which you can use to tune by ear. What's more, it is highly accurate (up to ±1/1000 semitone (±0.1 cent) precise). Baritone,sprono and tenor are supported.

Precision Metronome

The metronome benefits from EUM's RTP ( Real-time Playback) technology, it is extremely precise(±20μs).

Pendulum mode is just like your old traditional metronome, you can follow the beat easily, even in silent mode. With the help of the dial wheel, changing tempo is really simple.

It supports flexible Time Signature changing mode, with which you can set any T.S. you like. 8 built-in tones are also supported. With built-in 13 Strumming patterns, you can practice strumming more easily.

Interactive Chord Sheets

The Chord Sheets contains over 800 chords, almost every chords you might need, including Major, Minor, 6, 7, Minor 7, Major 7, Major 9, sus 4, etc.

You can not only see the chord sheets, but also hear what they sounds like as well. It is quite useful for beginners to learn chords and advanced users to get inspiration. The chords can be sorted by both note and key signature.

In key signature mode, you don't need to switch notes to get expected chords. All related chords will be displayed in one page.

Ukulele Toolkit Available on the App Store